Best Ways in Preparing Fish

Fish is a food rich in protein; it is the best meal to serve, and there are many ways of preparing it. However, not all methods are good for every type of fish. For example, some fish are too thick to prepare using a broiler method. In addition, a deep-frying may not be the best method of cooking some fish. Here we break down some of the best ways in preparing fish.


En Papillote

En Papillote involves cooking fish in a parchment paper. This method of cooking is ideal for a variety of seafood such as haddock and Pollack; it provides a seal, preventing the fish from drying out. It’s a simple method as it requires a foil or parchment paper, and of course your desired ingredients for flavoring. It’s the quickest way of cooking fish and delivers lovely food! This is a great keto meal so just check some quick low carb desserts to match it to maintain your diet. 




Baking is the best method for cooking thicker and oilier fish such as halibut, Arctic char, clams, and sablefish. Since baking involves dry heating, thicker fish rarely dry out making them ideal fish for cooking using this method.




Poaching is ideal for preparing light fish such as snapper, mussels, and tilapia because it enhances flavor and prevents fish from drying out. Poaching being a moist heat method, you can cook a variety of fish in a heated liquid such as water or apple juice.



Broiling is good for cooking sturdy fish capable of handling the heat without burning. When you decide to add a glaze or marinade your fish, broiling is the best cooking method for you. It’s advisable that you brush with olive before you put the fish under the heat.




Do you want your fish to retain its tender and natural flavors? Grilling is the superb and quick way of cooking it. Grilling works for fish, which don’t dry out easily. It’s also the superb method of cooking thicker fish such as tuna, salmon, and swordfish. You can marinade your fish to add flavor and moisture.


You can also grill the whole fish or use aluminum foil in order to prevent the fish from breaking apart when moved.


Pan Frying


Pan-frying is the best way for cooking delicate and flaky fish. It works well for fillets, scallops, and shrimp. The cooking creates a crispy, light crust; moreover, you can chop firm-fleshed fish such as cod into chunks and sear overheat in a fry.


Deep Frying


This method requires a deep fryer for cooking fish. With deep frying method, you need to know the correct temperature, and as a result, you may require candy thermometer for accuracy. The ideal temperature ranges between 350 and 375°F. Temperatures below this range will make your fish soggy or greasy. On the other side, high temperatures will burn your food.


These are just a few of the best ways of cooking fish. The best cooking methods can truly result in full flavor of the fish. It is of interest to match the best cooking method with the fish.